New ticket/suggestion: Surfacing films, games, podcasts, broadcast series etc

Hey all, I have finally fleshed out a ticket that attempts to solve a MB problem that’s bugged me, and maybe you, for a long time.

There is repeatedly friction in the MusicBrainz database and among editors regarding audio created for not-primarily-audio releases, such as video games and films, especially those that don’t have a separate soundtrack release.

We actually already support these quite nicely, using works, but these are buried in the default artist view, which massively favours traditional “releases”. (Another issue is that works are not easily tagged with, but this ticket focusses just on MusicBrainz for now).

Releases that are primarily audio can also fall victim to the “release” based view. Particularly, long-running podcasts and broadcasts, which are better suited to recording series (rather than hundreds or thousands of individual releases).

My suggestion is to better surface these existing MusicBrainz features (work, maybe series) to users, ideally via artist page design changes with only minor database changes.

Full proposal and screenshots in the ticket:

Feedback, suggestions, comments, very welcome! Let’s see if we can get somewhere with this :slight_smile: