New resource for looking up UPCs and ISRCs at Sound Exchange

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Hi all-

Over the past few years, I was on a quest to find a place to look up UPCs (as part of my job at Pandora). As you probably know, there are few reliable sources. This year, Sound Exchange released a new lookup service which can return UPCs and ISRCs.!/search

You can do reverse lookups too. I discussed this new service with someone from SX. This data comes to them directly from the labels so it is pretty reliable. So far I have had good results. They report that more features are being developed. Check it out.


Thanks a lot! ISRCs are a thing that we relatively frequently get asked about from (potential) supporters/users, but there aren’t a lot of good places to look them up - so getting more (usable) sources are definitely appreciated. :slight_smile:

Would it be okay if it got added to the “External resources” at / ?

That’s a great idea. I would have said to put it second on that list after the IFPI link, but then I saw that the IFPI site is now “powered by SoundExchange”. Very telling. With that in mind, this new site looks like the best bet to put first in the list.

SoundExchange’s ISRC search is now the top link at :slight_smile:

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I think that Sound Exchange sound be added as an “Identifiers” option in the “Work Attributes” section. They collect royalties just like ASCAP, BMI or SOCAN, so their internal work number ID would be a good addition to the MusicBrainz database and could help in cross-referencing the information they’ve collected.