New Privacy Policy


Back when BookBrainz was first released for public use, we didn’t have a privacy policy. The idea was that we would move to a common MetaBrainz privacy policy once that was ready, and in for the time being, follow the spirit of the current MusicBrainz privacy policy. We’ve had this written in the BookBrainz privacy page up until now:

For a privacy policy, please see

While this currently does not apply to BookBrainz, it gives an idea of what can be expected when it gets updated to cover all MetaBrainz projects. If you’re happy using MusicBrainz, we aim to make you just as comfortable using BookBrainz.

Back in March, the common MetaBrainz privacy policy was released, and since then, this has been adopted by other MetaBrainz projects, including MusicBrainz. With the new European General Data Protection Regulation coming into force this Friday, now seems like a good time for BookBrainz to adopt this as our official privacy policy. The new privacy policy was announced in Updating our code of conduct, privacy policy and social contract and can be found at .

At the moment, it looks like we’ll be moving to this policy on Thursday 24th May 2018. If that changes, I’ll reply to this post with the new information.


And now updated: