Updating our code of conduct, privacy policy and social contract


Now that we have more projects than just MusicBrainz, I’ve taken the time to update and revise our code of conduct, privacy policy and our social contract. First and foremost, the goal was to make these documents into generalized documents that apply to all of MetaBrainz and not just one specific project. Second was to update the documents to reflect the (technical) reality of our current projects.

I should note that none of the changes that have been made to the documents significantly change the intent of the general policies of the MetaBrainz projects – that was not our goal at all. If you think that the new versions do change the content/meaning/intent of the documents, then please let us know.

The changes are largely changes relating to moving the documents to MetaBrainz and to updating them. For instance, the privacy policy used to state that code reviews were done on a third party site that no longer exists. We now state that we do code-reviews on GitHub and we link to their privacy policy.

For all the details on these changes, please read this pull request on GitHub – it explains what is being done an it allows you to see the changes and links to test versions / updated, but not transcluded wiki pages:


Also, note that Freso and Zas have signed off on these changes – now I would like to open feedback to the community at large. Do you see anything wrong with these changes? If so, please comment on the pull request directly. If you have questions about this process and how we’re doing it, please comment/ask here.



I just reviewed the updated documents and all I have to say is, “Well done, sir!” :+1: