New Here - Trying to add listing with two featured artists

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I’m new so still learning.
I’m trying to add a listing with 2 feature artists.
both artists are listed separately but not listed as together
how do I add this as being the case.
artists are John Primer & Bob Corritore


You should be able to specify both and a join phrase.
In the editor there is an edit button.
This should expand and give you a place to specify the artist, the artist credit and a join phrase.
Click the green + icon to add additional artists a needed.

The join phrase should be something like ", " " and " " feat. " " featuring " and should generally match what is on the back cover.

One thing that I tend to do when adding a release is to have multiple browser tabs open and search for artists in another tab.
The artists in musicbrainz input box you can paste the url of the artist so if there are several artists with similar or the same name you can make sure you are selecting the correct one.


here are some screen shots that may help. this is just a guide for what you need to click follow what dns is saying


Thanks for help I was able to get the album listed.

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