New/additional barcode for a release?

Hi all.
I got the CD of this release:

The thing is, that my release (digitally remastered 2002) has barcode number
which does not show up there.
Do I have to add another release for this release group?
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A CD with a different barcode is a different release. So yes, you need to clone that one and put up a new release with your barcode and details.

Different barcodes appear for all kinds of reasons. Often other changes can be found when you look close. Maybe the label has change. Maybe it is a reissue of the 2002 remaster. When did you buy yours?

Discogs may help at showing other details. Even a quick search at Discogs shows a purple CD with your barcode, but the MB version has a red CD.


The most recent year found on my release is 1992, which even differs from 1994 reported on Discogs.
I can’t remember when I bought it, for sure it’s not more than 5-7 years ago…

I’ve added the new release with the barcode I mentioned above.

Just a notice, the date that is printed on releases is not the release date*, it’s the © copyright and/or ℗ phonographic copyright date.
Usually it’s equal or Y-1 of the original release date.
Your release can be any year after this.

* Except in Japan where we also have the release date


Thanks for the hint… so we won’t know when this release has been published :-/


It’s totally okay to leave the field blank :slight_smile:
Hopefully someone will come along later and add to it/complete it.

The ‘original release date’ tag is usually more useful when browsing music anyway!