Need lots of help with an album that is classical in nature

all the hymns where whiten by Charles Wesley the album is called Charles Wesley: Love Divine by the looks of the album. if you wont pics of the pages that the where the hymns where first seen i can take some and upload them it gives dates in the 1700’s so unless you are after a book it probably will not help theres also a bio for Charles Wesley but that wont help much either
what im after is help with all most every part as im not good with classical
here are some images

on the artist is St Michael’s Singers but i can not see them on the album any were
there is a different album with the same song list by St Michael’s Singers
and theres other albums by them as well
@IvanDobsky can you tell me what you think as well
it looks like it has just been repackaged maybe it was repackaged for the Australian market

LOL - you can call me in… but I don’t know if I will be much help. I have so far edited just two classical disks out of my 500+ CD collection. I’ll try and have a go in a short while. (LOL - here comes one of those “keep editing it and adding to the same posts” forum edits… need more coffee first…)

Looking at those two links you have shown, I think you have a new Release for that Release Group.

You have a different version, but I bet your CD length is the same 44mins 16 seconds.

It is very common to repackage and re-release classical stuff like that.

So I’d just copy that release but add your artwork and barcodes\catno.

Comically the link you found on Discogs is a THIRD version of the release as it has a different barcode.

this album probably is not a full classical album. Im making a new album based off the one thats ther Ruffly due to the different album art work. i think The Hymn Makers is the series and the album is called Charles Wesley: Love Divine or Charles Wesley: Love Divine 1707-188 or 1707-188 Charles Wesley: Love Divine i like Charles Wesley: Love Divine 1707-188 the best it just reads better

probably is the same length im not good at math tho

Put the CD into the CD player and it usually tells you the length. Or listen to it and see if it lasts for most of the hour.

As to the name of the album, I’d use the pattern of Discogs. The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley

Leave the dates out (that is just his birth\death dates). I’d also drop the Love Divine bit as it doesn’t cleanly fit and is not clearly part of the title.

Then basically copy the other example at as classical is credited in a different way to normal music. Also link to each of the Recordings on that copy as it will be the same recordings.

I laugh at this one… Eastbourne, the home of the label, is only a few miles away from where I am currently sitting. Small World.

(This forum is reallly annoying at times… Never have I had a forum who is so annoying at editing stuff out of my posts like some kid’s nanny. Sometimes I repeat things for clarity… which is annoying to then see that removed. /end of rant )

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The Hymn Makers im 100% sure is the series just a look at the link to see how many there are theres no way it is an album name
and look at this google sherch…0…1…gws-wiz-img.Riz7-rfo4wc

and Love Divine i think is the sub title

Yes, it is a series as can be seen by the cover images you supplied above. The series is still an important part of the title in this case. As can be seen on the spine. Hence I’d use the name as per Discogs and the other example already here at MB. A colon separates the two parts as per style guidelines. The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley

Or if you must have “The Love Divine” in there then The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley - The Love Divine as Kingsway seem to use that in the above example image from the pack shot

Amazon can answer it for us. You are correct to add The Love Divine as there is also a volume 2

Also notice how in all of your Google located examples they ALL include "The Hymn Makers: " at the start of the titles.

dont you add releases to the series? thats how i did it with the words of worship series

im just a little confused

You have a new release. Your release is called “The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley - The Love Divine”

You add it to the same Release Group as the other versions of this same CD. ( ) The reason you add it to that Release Group is due to it basically being the same release but with small differences in details like bacodes.

Once you have made your Release it can also be added to a Series.

This database is about making multiple links between items. That allows people to look things up in different ways.

Just because something is a part of a series does not mean you have to remove the important parts of the title. :slight_smile:

Notice how with your “Words of Worship” series the series name was not also part of the title. That becomes quite clear when you look at the two example shops oyu have linked above ( Series in Title ) ( Series not in Title )

ok ill add The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley - Love Divine not The Hymn Makers: Charles Wesley - The Love Divine the is no the on mine and the barcode and the cat number are the same on the one thats there and mine

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Perfect. You are getting the hang of the pedantic exactness that some of this editing calls for.

Shops will always be a bit loose and messy with their titles. I usually try and go back to physical disks and work from there. Discogs can sometimes be pretty good at sticking to a set of rules, but when disks are like this and less well known it it harder to get a consensus. This is a good example of checking how other parts of the same series are titled to keep it consistent.

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for the song names where would you base it off would it be the back or in the booklet? if i go back one of the songs will say Hark The Herald Angles Sing and if i base it off the booklet it will be Hark! The Herald Angles Sing there are others with similar things

The track names are supposed to come from the Back cover, but with corrections to obvious errors. So Hark! should always have its exclamation mark.

Best answer is just copy that other Release as I expect the titles are the same. If feeling brave you could even use that Track Parser button to copy from one release to another.

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dont need to there is a way if there is one it thinks is a duplicate or similar you select it as a starting point and it fill the info in for you

ill get you to check the grammar if you dont mined

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it is made here is the link
ill make the series and add the albums to it then fix the caps up in the other one

I’ll made a few corrections to that new release. The details will be in the edit notes.

Mostly you seem to have confused things by using images and details that don’t match the photos you supplied in this thread. You should be describing your disc as it is in your hand.

I’ll also put up your rough photos for now as better than nothing and show the real differences of your edition.

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ok thanks. i look over things some times im trying to add some links to the other peoples albums and fix up things like the album names iv seen Spotify is normally closer to being right then amazon

I have made a few corrections to that new release. The details are in the edit notes.

(As well as messing up and getting confused between the two editions myself :smiley: :rofl: Probably as you posted the other link in your post just now…)

Now I really must fly…

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have a good one thanks for the help now to see if i can get @mecrider to fix up there albums