Need help with this release

A new user created this release. For it he created a lot of new artists like Tradicionelle, Ecuador and Saya D.R.A., Bolivien.

I don’t even know where to start to fix this mess and could use some help :slight_smile:


The Release seems to be this one

I’d wait till a Spanish speaker turns up.
Some of the track credits on the Cover Art do appear to have artist names in there. If so, then some of the newly created Artists may just need to be renamed.

If you want to get to work now you could move cover art from Discogs etc, and read and apply the Spanish language style guideline to the track titles?

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Tinku” and “San Juanito” look to be styles or rhythms, so maybe these are “Style, Performer, Country”. I’m guessing “D.R.A.” is the German Broadcasting Archive in which case “San Juanito, D.R.A., Ecuador” doesn’t have any artist information at all, so I guess that track should be credited to [unknown] ?