Need help with Homeworld video game unofficial community soundtracks

I would like to add the unofficial community soundtracks for the Homeworld games into MusicBrainz, but I’m having difficulty with how to go about it.

The sound tracks in question are here:
Homeworld Community Soundtrack 2.0: Relic Community Homeworld Soundtrack 2.0 | Encyclopedia Hiigara | Fandom

Homeworld 2 Community Soundtrack 2.0: Homeworld 2 Community Soundtrack 2.0 | Encyclopedia Hiigara | Fandom

For the first one, the artist credit on that page is “Studio X Labs”. They appear to be a producer though, not the artist. I’m pretty sure the artist credit should be Paul Ruskay since he made the original music, right? They have a website here: Services | Studio X Labs

The second one doesn’t list artists, but I again assume it should be Paul Ruskay.

Additionally, would these be categorized under the original “Homeworld” and “Homeworld 2” release groups, or should they get their own release groups?

I hope someone can help me figure this out, because these are awesome albums and I’d love to have them in MusicBrainz. Thanks!


Yay, more vgm music!! Please add them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

With so many game rips, different versions etc, it can be tricky, but hopefully this helps:

  • If you know the composer, enter it ‘correctly’. So in this case if you know it’s Paul Ruskay, I would credit him (note that in the Wiki page you linked for Homeworld 1 a few tracks are credited to others)
  • I always add this stuff to the same release group. Generally they are the same tracks as the official release, cut differently, some extra tracks that were missing etc. And it helps findability to group them.
    But - @CatQuest disagrees with me, they may have something to add.

But new release group or not you can just get stuck in and add stuff - it can always be fixed up later!

This is a good point. I typically get myself stressed out trying to make sure everything is exactly perfect when it is entered the first time.

You and CatQuest had an interesting discussion. I can see both sides. I guess we will let the votes decide how it gets categorized. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying!


There’s lots of stuff that don’t get any answers on these forums, simply because there is no consensus.
That can be confusing but really what it means is that it’s up to the editor, so edit away :+1:

Feel free to post edits in the forums if you want eyes/opinions on 'em, edits don’t get many eyes in MB (we have more edits than voters)