Need help with a Madonna/Skkatter track from a dj mix


I was just listening to this release:

Track 16 is listed as Madonna “Music (Funked Up mix)”.

However, this is actually a track called “Madonna Is a Filthy Slut”, by Skkatter.

As far as I can tell, there is no “Funked Up” remix of “Music”.

What’s the consensus on how to fix this? If I rename/reuse the existing “Funked Up” recording, changing it to Skkatter, there are relationships that would need to change as well.


It is a dj mix so all recordings should be unique.
This is because the mixing process will usually have parts of the next and previous song and possibly other samples added for effect so this recording will be different than the normal version.

The work should normally be the same with a remix as in the original as the sing itself is the same as the lyrics and the tune will be similar if someone does a cover.

There is a recording to recording relationship that you can use to indicate that this remix was used in the DJ mix.
You can also credit the person that performed the remixing of the track.



I’m aware that the recording used should not be the full recording I linked to above; that was simply to provide the full information about the song used.

My question was more about whether I should change the recording that is linked in the comp (changing artist/title, removing relationships) or create a new recording to use.

I honestly don’t do much with works, as they’ve always been a bit fuzzy for me. (Admittedly, I have really done the legwork of reading guidelines, etc. :slight_smile:)


As this recording is only used in the release you’re editing; and no evidence, that the recording in its current form exists at all, is found: change the existing one.