Need help with a late night editing mistake


Last night (actually 1am) as I was adding new releases (barcode differences) I was creating a new release for the Linda Ronstadt Original Album Series. I used release group 493007ae-16ea-476c-9aba-5ffa5decd154 and release c9c567c1-95d9-4bd2-8c4e-3caa715be3f3 to make my release from not noticing that Warner had removed “Cry Like a Rainstorm” and replace it with “Hasten down the wind” and reorder albums.

My very badly done release is 97bdd735-9bc5-4375-b442-44ecac3524c0 which I tried to fix and may have once the voting on the removal of “Cry Like a Rainstorm” takes place, but it needs its own release group because of the album differences. I would be happy if the release 97bdd735-9bc5-4375-b442-44ecac3524c0 that I created was just deleted and I could redo it correctly, if not how do you split/remove from a release group? The release is easy to spot as it shows 6 albums not 5.

In the future I will walk away from the screen when I get tired (or go to bed). Pain is a good teacher. Thanks in advance.


Adding the missing links:


When I search Doumentation for “Release Group” I get
"Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to"

But I think that is not at all helpful. :neutral_face:
What should be grouped together?

Release groups should be used to group variations of the same release. The following are examples of things which should normally be grouped together in the same release group:

_ The original release_
_ Releases in different countries_
_ Releases on different formats_
_ Special/limited editions_
_ Re-issues_
_ Remasters_
_ Promotional versions_
_ Pirated versions_
_ Pseudo-releases_
_ Different bootleg recordings of the same concert_

This includes those where the tracklist isn’t identical, such as releases which have bonus tracks or even bonus discs.

I’m wondering if there is actually a need for a separate release group.
Maybe you do a better job than I do when I’m editing too late at night.
Perhaps you only think you’ve made a mistake.
I on the other hand … :scream_cat: