Need help to fix the artist (and wrong assigned R/RG)


Here are 3 artist links:

The last one is the author/producer of trailer music (Gothic Storm and mostly), but most of R/RGs assigned to the 2st ones. So can someone “fix” and reassign them correctly to preserve recordings/works? Honestly i could be concerned as “experienced” mb user, but in this situation i somehow feel myself stupid.


dont feel stupid. it is always good to ask for help if you are not shure on something no matter how experienced you are. :slight_smile:



Changing artists won’t break recording/work associations :slight_smile: So you can start by changing the artist credit on the releases and copying it to the release groups and recordings as needed. The works should be changed separately, if they’re wrongly assigned - you can just edit the wrong works and change the composer relationship to point to the right person.


Ok, i thought so that i will have to do this myself. :smiley: Anyway i have made a lot of edits to this artist, may be someone from editors at least could check/vote on all this stuff.