Need help on artist entry

I’m trying to add this album:

The artist for the album is John Stetch & Vulneraville. There is already an entry for John Stetch but there isn’t one for his group Vulneraville. As far as I know, the group is relatively new (since 2019?). There is very little information on the group other than it is based in New York City and the members are Steve Kortyka, Ben Tiberio, and Philippe Lemm (plus John himself I’d suppose).

In this case, should I create a new artist Vulneraville, link to the 4 members (1 of them doesn’t have an artist entry at all), and put the album under John Stetch and Vulneraville. OR should I associate the album to John Stetch only, and add the rest under album/recording relationships?

I tried looking this up in the documentation but didn’t seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance!

You should either have “Vulneraville” as a separate group and credit both artists, or “John Stetch & Vulneraville” as a separate group. Either way, it shouldn’t be only under John Stetch :slight_smile:

“John Stetch & Vulneraville” makes sense in this case. I’ll get one going.

Thanks @reosarevok!

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Maybe I should create a separate entry for this but it is on the same topic different artists.
I have two different bluegrass groups with similar issues that I feel I need to go back and edit the artist credits.

“Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice” (credited as such) starts this way but at one point the “Ramblers Choice” without “Junior Sisk” does a release credit as “Ramblers Choice”. Clearly I need to create group “Ramblers Choice” for this, but do I go back and edit all the “Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice” to be the artist and the group “Junior Sisk” & “Ramblers Choice”.

“Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road” appear to have started out this way or as “Carolina Road” (with Lorraine Jordan) the became “Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road”, the latest album is " Eddy Raven & Carolina Road". All the albums found first were “Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road” then I added the “Carolina Road” album using “Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road” but crediting as “Carolina Road” which is clearly wrong.

I think for both of these I need to create just the group and edit all the releases to “eponymous name” & group, or just group where that exists. Does this sound correct?