Need help edit this release with Disc ID

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Cannot edit tracklist because of DISC ID.

This release has a lot of errors.
I’m editing this release with data from

Track 5: I’ll Be Gone (Vice Remix) is missing.
I want to add it.

The original editor of that release said they have the CD in hands. They were also the one to add the disc ID.
Therefore I’d ask them first if they can provide more info about it. Maybe they can even upload scans or just photos of it.


Is it possible your release is different from the one you’re trying to edit? Instead of changing this one, I might suggest creating a new release in this release group with your tracklist (and upload your scans to that one rather than this one).


It has same barcode, label, catalog number as the discogs release. (I added 1 extra release label with the same catalog number from discogs.)
anyway, how should I contact him? from his profile page using email?

Actually I don’t own this release. I’m just trying to correct errors if there are any. But thanks!

The editor answered in the edit notes but it ends up that they submitted a CD-R copy Disc ID (which is not safe IMO, copies are often not identical, especially for track gaps).