Need help correcting wrongly named release

There is a new album from the Levellers. It has been released in a few different formats.

So far here are at Musicbrainz we now have the details for the single CD release. And I have updated the details for the two disk Deluxe release. This has included adding in a heap of scanned artwork.

Now this disk is a little confusing. The deluxe cover has a different barcode and catalogue number when compared with the disk inside the sleeve. This is because inside the sleeve is the normal Single CD release with a second disk tucked into the packaging. All topped off with an extra 50 page book.

These versions are best seen here:

Soooo… now to the problem. There is a bogus Release added using the wrong name.

Notice how the release title is wrong. But follow their link to Ama\on and it shows “We the Collective”

Not sure where their catalogue number has come from.

And notice only a single diskID which is of the second disk.

So how do we get this bogus entry corrected?

I assume the steps are:

Rename it to “We The Collective”. Wait six days.
Merge into the real “We The Collective” entry… but this is where I get confused. Which one should I select first? Especially as the data on the “We the extras” is missing a lot of details. I would want to make sure the “We the Collective” version takes precedence.

Any hand holding help here appreciated. :slight_smile:

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You probably only need to remove the release label/cat no. (auto-edit) from the incorrect release prior to merging. (The funny cat no. is actually the ASIN)
No need to rename release title as the merge-into release (the correct one) will take precedence.

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Yay!! Rab!! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I have been in and been brave now. Straightened up some details, and then hit merge. It is on the queue for checking…

That is the slightly confused version that should be melting into the real one. Any votes to help it kick through are appreciated.