Need help adding collection of fan-remastered/rearranged video game soundtracks to MusicBrainz

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I want to add a collection of video game soundtracks to the MusicBrainz database, but given the nature of the releases in question, I’m not really sure where to start.

Basically, an individual hosts a website (LINEOUT.LAND) where she has published several video game soundtracks she’s “remastered”. I say that in quotes because some of the works are more than just remasters. For example, the soundtrack of Super Mario Maker’s editor had to be arranged, because in the game, the soundtrack is dynamic based on what items you’re holding.

So, I’m assuming each video game will need an entry as a Work, which will be referenced to the release, but I have many other questions:

  • Who will the release artist be?
  • Who will the track artists be?
  • Which relationships need to be added?
  • In the Super Mario Maker example, how is the re-arranger credited?
    As well as:
    How do I deal with release dates? The tags included with the downloads mostly set the release year to the original release of the game, and there is no given release date on the website. Some of the soundtracks have been uploaded to youtube, but I’m not sure that can be given as a precise date. For example, in the description of this upload, there’s the line:

this is an older release, but i hadn’t posted it yet for some reason.

I’ve rambled long enough, but needless to say, I’m not sure where to start, and some guidance would be much appreciated.

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I’ve already added one of her releases, so I figure I’d give my opinion on it.

  • Release artist should be the performers/composers listed on the download page.
  • Track artists should be either the same as the release artist or, if they’re known, the actual performer/composer for the track. Seeing as how these are unofficial releases individual track credits are probably not known though.
  • I don’t think any special relationships should be necessary, except for work relationships on recordings where there’s things like existing song works.
  • I think just “arranger” should be fine.
  • I used the YouTube date for my release, but it also lined up with a post about it on social media. For other ones if there are no YouTube links for it it’s probably just to leave the release date unknown.