Need clarification reading Russian

Can someone please help me with the finer points of this statement?

Перепетая песня, но не Gregorian! Здесь перепета песня группы Foreigner

Google translate is not clear on whether it means the track is BY Foreigner or a COVER of Foreigner

Maybe with DeepL Translator:

Looks like by Foreigner but not sure too :slight_smile:

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It looks like this is taken from the bootleg “Masters of chant capter (as Gregorian)”. At least it is exact quote from this forum (russian).

The meaning is a bit context-dependent, but as a native speaker of Russian I would translate it as “Cover, but not a cover of ‘Gregorian’! This is a cover of a group ‘Foreigner’”

Reading the mentioned Russian forum, it looks to me that the case is like that:

  • There is a bootleg that claims that the track under discussion belongs to ‘Gregorian’
  • The mentioned forum claims that in reality the track is a cover of a group ‘Foreigner’

So, according to my understanding, the statement claims that the track is no actually performed by the ‘Foreigner’, but is a cover, that is somebody else performing a song which belongs to ‘Foreigner’.


Thanks, that’s helpful. I won’t assign it to Foreigner, then, I’ll just leave it as “Gregorians” until we have more info

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Can you share the release? That’s maybe would give more context to understand the text snippet

Sure. It’s exactly what @alex_s7 described.

That quite clearly is a cover of this than:

Yeah, that much is clear. Just a cover by whom?

In the Russian forum I have mentioned above, the user “boombafm” in message as of 2012-01-26 20:40 claims that the album was performed “by the group DANCEBOOM (BOOMBA since 2012)” to which he belongs. In that message the user writes that the CD is not a bootleg at all, but an official project of a Russian / Ukrainian group which performs covers of Gregorian chants.

I just translated what he writes, I have no idea if you may trust his claims.


Thanks for the info. I’m definitely skeptical. Not only does the release have ALL track names from Enchanted Spirits, I think part of what sent me down this path was some shared acoustids.

(Hah, further reading on that forum suggests no one there really took them seriously either.)