Need advice: release country

I ask for an advice how to determine the release country for this release. The question appeared as a result of this edit.

On the CD cover attached to the release we see:

  • Printed in West Germany (that was in 80’s, before the German unification)
  • © and publisher “The Decca Record Company Limited, London, England”
  • Most sentences on the CD cover are printed in English, French and German

Currently the release country is set to Europe.

On discogs the release country is “UK & Europe”.

The edit changes release country from Europe to UK.

I am not sure what is the right choice here: on one hand, the copyright holder and publisher is a company registered in UK. On the other hand, it looks like the CD is intended for distribution all over the Europe, taking into account French and German print.

What is your opinion?

I think the edit is valid. When the record company’s country of operation is clearly identifiable, that should be the release country.


Do you know where the original buyer bought it first hand?

I would not replace Europe by UK.
You could add UK if you know it could be bought there in regular shops, but not remove Europe.

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