Need Advice on album Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

I noticed this Digital Album Edits for Random Access Memories - MusicBrainz which has already had a lot of discussion but it seems a few items just are not correct. The items I am concerned about are Catalog # and Disambiguation. The catalog # is the same as the UPC/Barcode. I have come across catalog #'s and UPC’s as the same in the past but only on very rare occasions on physical media but never on Digital. Maybe y’all might have experienced something different? Needless to say, Jaxsta which wasn’t around at the time, has an actual catalog #. Random Access Memories | Album by Daft Punk | Jaxsta - Overview It is the same album and I believe I should change this…Does anyone disagree or am I missing something? Also too, the disambiguation I believe needs to be removed. I do not see any such designation on the website(s), album covers, etc. Am I missing something?

It’s not that uncommon for digital media to have the cat # be the same as the barcode. However, I think that one is wrong as it’s Columbia, which is distributed by Sony. Sony has their own style of cat # which is what is found at Jaxsta. Do you have a Jaxsta paid account? I’m just asking because there are 2 releases listed at Jaxsta. How do you know this release is that one? You get barcodes with a paid account, but not without one. I quit paying last year when they started limiting searches. But the exising cat # is definitely wrong. There are plenty of wrongly added data on digital releases. Mostly because the editor who added it guessed because the info just wasn’t available to them at the time they added it. Disambiguation is also wrong. It was added by an editor from France, looking at the France release at the time. On the US release it was listed as “Hi-Res Version”,, but no longer is. So, likely it was just removed as the US one has also been removed.

I haven’t checked, but uses cat #'s in the URLs, when they have one. You can verifiy cat# there with the bitrate, etc. to make sure it’s the correct release sometimes.


Like you said, Jaxsta has two releases. The one I would select is the one provided in the link because of the date…I always go by date. Plus it does cover this release with the countries. I don’t have a paid account.

OK…just checked mora website and the one that matches this date…in the url…matches Jaxsta one too…nice info for mora :slight_smile:

Yeah, Mora is a great resource as it also often has the true release date, not the original (even though it does sometimes, mostly on releases before 2009, still have the original). Yeah, I think you were 100% correct on your logic on this.

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