Naming MusicBrainz Android

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Hi all!
MusicBrainz Android has been progressing well lately. It is still far from complete but it is in nice shape. It now exploring MusicBrainz database (not fully, functionality is still being added), tagging (does not support all the formats as Picard and is unstable) and submitting listens to ListenBrainz (minimal support though). We soon plan to add support to add acousticbrainz client functionality to the app.

Suggestions for a new more complete poll

  • MobileBrainz
  • MusicBrainz (proposed by 3 editors)
  • BrainzDroid Music/BrainzDroid
  • lt. com. Data
  • Locutus
  • MusicBrainz Tricorder
  • Hadaly
  • Other

New Poll

Taking in account the new suggestions, a new and better poll has been constructed. I sincerely apologise to all who voted in the previous poll for the inconvenience caused and request them to vote again. :slight_smile:

  • MobileBrainz
  • MusicBrainz
  • BrainzDroid Music
  • BrainzDroid
  • Lt. com. Data
  • Locustus
  • MusicBrainz Tricorder
  • Hadaly
  • Other

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I don’t like any of these names.



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BrainzDroid sounds good to me. Or just MusicBrainz.


@Sophist While PicardDroid is a nice name, the app is now aiming outside it as well. It’ll support LB, AB, MB and of course Picard. So, it would be better to avoid something specific to one feature. Same reason why I want to avoid just MusicBrainz @regagain.


“Locutus” - he was Picard as a kind of droid.


Shouldn’t it be DroidBrainz, not BrainzDroid?


I see! Then a name like BrainzDroid definitely makes sense.

If BrainzDroid, then I suggest that it be BrainzDroid Music to distinguish it from further BrainzDroid releases such as BrainzDroid Books.


How about MobileBrainz ?


Another good suggestion that @amCap1712 should add to the ballot. I offer the same comment as I mentioned to @regagain that it might be better as MobileBrainz Music to distinguish it from other potential MobileBrainz packages released in the future.


It seems the forums do not allow to change the ballot after first 5 mins. Maybe @Freso can tweak some setting to fix this. :smile:

Imho that’s a bad idea to use suffix “Droid” because it refers to the OS the app runs on, and it is likely the app lives longer than the OS or will be ported to an other OS.
I’d prefer something neutral in this regard.

Apart that, no strong opinion, but I prefer short names like “BrainzDroid” over “BrainzDroid Music”, and I don’t know what’s “Data” in the poll.

+1 to MobileBrainz (and while rdswift has a point about books/music, etc, I don’t like MobileBrainz Music, people can’t even spell MusicBrainz Picard, they call it MusicBrainz or Picard…).


MusicBrainz Borg-Picard !

Resistance is futile…

or MusicBrainz Tricorder (to stay with the Star Trek themes)


I think it refers to Captain Picard’s Android crew member. So it is a cool and geeky idea as it references both Picard and Android, but as a name it is not really useful. It’s rather an insider joke.

I haven’t participated in the poll as I don’t like the choices very much, but I also have no good idea myself right now. I agree with zas on avoiding the Android reference, though.


The current name seems fine to me, or shorten it to just “MusicBrainz”.


That’s a very good point. From a “branding” perspective, it would be better with a generic name that is not OS dependent.


I would go with just MusicBrainz.
It uses LB, etc. But the main feature is MB. The other stuff is there, additionally.

And no other app could look more official than the app called MusicBrainz.


…but MusicBrainz is the database. It could be (as in Picard case), MusicBrainz (something) because it’s a software like Picard.


I think it’s too long then.
Except if the added word does explain something (like Tagger, for instance).

But in this case as the app should grow and be able to host any MB related service, apparently, so there would be no appropriate explanatory word.

If you’re looking for The Wikipedia app, you will trust Wikipedia more than Wikipedia This That.

The context is an app store with hundreds of apps, and potential fakes.


You can create a wiki topic to allow people to submit their own suggestions, and only after that create a poll with all the suggested names.

There are a few other suggestions made in April you did not list in this poll:

  • lt. com. Data (after the android Lieutenant Commander Data who has been defended by Picard.)
    by @CatQuest (chat log)
    not just “Data” as explained on yesteraday again (chat log)
    that intriguated @zas
  • Louvois (after Captain Phillipa Louvois who “had some sort of relationship” with Picard and recognized android’s rights.)
    by @yvanzo (chat log)
  • Hadaly (from Villiers de l’Isle-Adam’s The Future Eve, originally published in 1886, the novel is known for popularizing the term “Android”.)
    by @mr_monkey (chat log)

Plus further suggestions have been made yesterday after you created this post:

All of these suggestions are short names. These can be prefixed with MusicBrainz since it is mostly related to it and to other MetaBrainz projects (AB, CAA, CB, LB) related to it. Or it can be suffixed with Music (or some other functional descriptive name). Maybe have two polls (short name and then full name)?