MusicBrainz won't let me add the names of the composer and lyricist to a song in the database

Roon hasn’t identified the names of the composer and lyricist of the song, “How Does the Wine Taste?” even though that song is in MusicBrainz. It turns out that MusicBrainz does not have those names under relationships.

After finding those names in the copyright records, I tried to add them to the database as new relationships, but got nowhere. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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welcome to the forums, Landlubber~

composer and lyricist are actually not recording relationships, but work relationships. for example, take Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean. the work for this song is related to many different recordings of the song, including the original album version, a cover by Weezer, and a live recording by Michael Jackson.

looking through Barbra Streisand’s works tab, it does look like How Does the Wine Taste? is missing though, so you can add a new work, either through the edit tab in your screenshot or from the release relationship editor for People


Hello. Thanks for your reply.

I know it’s a Work relationship but couldn’t find the song itself in the normal fashion. It didn’t occur to me that the album with the song can be in the database but the song itself still isn’t in the database. On some other songs, I saw a list of Related Works under the list of Relationships. Those Related Works are the composer and lyricist, but couldn’t add anything there either.

Thanks for the guidance.

indeed, you should be able to edit those on the work’s edit page (example), the release relationship editor (example), or when creating a new work.