MusicBrainz supports WAV files?

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I saved the tags of WAV files, but in reality the tags are not present, does anyone know if there is a plugin or do I have to do something about the settings?

.wav tags not getting saved

Saving tags to WAV files are generally not very widely supported. I would recommend that you encode your WAV files to FLAC which is lossless, an open standard, and has full tagging support.

If you must use WAV, then there is a couple of relevant tickets you can vote on and/or follow:

(The tickets.metabrainz one is specific to the MusicBrainz Picard program, the GitHub ones are for the tagging library, mutagen, Picard is using.)


A number of applications support reading/writing an ID3 tag (like mp3) to Wav files now


uPNP players such as MinimServer support reading such data

ID3 is also supported for AIFF, AIFF is almost the same as WAV but the advantage is that if using iTunes it will read the ID3 tag embedded in an AIFF file but not in a WAV file (and it doesnt support Flac files at all)


FWIW, I also tag WAV rips in foobar2000, but I couldn’t say what format.