MusicBrainz Subscriptions: Pointless Emails about Auto applied edits

I receive emails about auto-applied edits for my subscriptions (which I have temporarily removed).
However this is pointless as I cannot vote on them. Is there a way to mute such emails?

There’s a checkbox that allows you to “only show open edits” (which is unchecked by default)

I’ll take it you don’t want to receive any subscription emails unless there are open edits and don’t mean this specific bug.

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Not saying you shouldn’t vote for the feature request that Chaban links above, but auto-edits are definitely also useful to know about if you’re interested in monitoring an artist or release. You might not be able to vote, but auto-edits can still be bad edits… and you can find out about new releases (though that might just be me who uses it for that)


As @aerozol says, depending on how you use MB, they can be very useful.
I am subscribed to my collection of records and each time they are edited, I want to be able to revert any mistakes made to them, because of the hard work it took me to fill this in. :wink:


I will try this.

I did not know about that but yes that also is an issue.

Not for me: MusicBrainz seems like a tertiary source. It does not automatically pull data from primary/secondary sources (I might work on something like this in the future) and does not even have all of the old releases for artists I follow.

This sounds more like a problem with what edits are considered auto-edits. If this is the case, then those edits should be put through the voting process before applying, no?

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There is no type of edits that is more prone to be good or bad. :wink: