MusicBrainz showing pseudo-release title in dropdown menus sometimes

hello! i know this would probably be better suited for a ticket but i tried for about an hour and am too stupid to figure out the little ticket website… so i am posting here to see if anyone else has experienced this?

sometimes, in the little menu for choosing the recordings when creating/editing a release, it will show the title of pseudo-releases instead of official ones

here are two examples


it’s not a huge deal in either case; i created both of them and i know which is which. but it is strange, and i imagine it would be confusing for someone unfamiliar with either the artist or Cyrillic. i hope it’s not an issue with how i created the pseudo-releases… i think i did everything right (except i habitually added “digital media” as a medium to one of them. been meaning to fix).

pretty proud of Диск 0 actually, though ПРЕМИУМ ДИСК is certainly sloppily translated

would love to know if anyone else has been confused by this