MusicBrainz servers are being updated and cute little icons are showing up all over the place


Right, seeing those. What was the idea/need behind ?

I guess so that you can tell at a glance what type of entity you’re looking at.

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This old feature request was added to MBS by @reosarevok:

It makes it easier to understand some relationships (that can apply to several entity types).

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Do you have an example of that? I don’t know, so far I’m not seeing much value in them. They’re small enough that I had to zoom the page to see what they were, and in some cases they just make the page look messy (“Display credits inline”).

I love them. I do kind of wish they had hover-over descriptive text so I could make sure I’m interpreting them correctly and from an accessibility standpoint, but that’s a nitpick. Definitely better visually (for me) than what felt like a wall of text.


I’d suggest the commissioners of this classical work are more clear with the icons, YMMV though. For what it’s worth, I use the inline display for credits all the time and I find them kinda helpful to quickly visually find, say, the related work(s) in a sea of relationships :slight_smile:

See instruments and vocals that can be either on recordings or on releases or work prublishers that can be either labels or artists, etc. :slight_smile:

I suppose, if I ever delve deeper into understanding relationships, it might be helpful. Not a big deal to me now, though.

I’ll give them a chance to grow on me for a while, but I’ve already figured out how to turn them off with Stylus. :slight_smile:

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