Musicbrainz schema help

I’m new to DB programming and musicbrainz.
I’m currently working on a DB workshop project, the project theme is music, and we are making a reverse akinator program in which the computer gives you hint regarding a certain entity (musician/band/composer) and the user supposed to guess who is it in as less hint as possible.
I’ve got few problems: one is transferring musicbrainz into mysql format, but I think I have this under control, my two main problems are I would love to have a rating field for each entity/song/album (I want to filter unpopular ones) but from what I read, the rating tables are not available in the dump files for some reason, and I don’t see in the schema where are the meta tables?
another problem that I have is that I would also really love to have some personal information about my entities such as parent/child/student of, and so on, such information is available on the search that the website has, but I don’t see such relationships in the musicbrainz schema.

Would really love some help.

Those are in l_artist_artist (for ones between artists - “Artist X played guitar on recording Y” is in l_artist_recording instead) :slight_smile:

Ratings tables should be available, but they’re on mbdump-derived, not the main dump (because they have a different, non-commercial license, although if you’re doing school/uni work then you can definitely use them too).


Where is the I_artist_artist table found in the schema?
And if I want to count the number of relationships that an entity has in general, there isn’t a shorter way to do it than to go through on any relationship table?
Is there a table that contains the number of relationships per entity, or another smart and quick way to filter out relatively unknown artists from the smaller schema I am building?