"MusicBrainz relation editor: Copy dates on recording relations" (2023.3.6) - Broken

I already posted about the initial problems with the “MusicBrainz relation editor: Copy dates on recording relations” script from loujine. See also mb-reledit-copy_dates.user.js: Copy dates on recordings” script only works if used as first action after "Edit Relationships" on a release · Issue #90 · loujine/musicbrainz-scripts · GitHub

Whereas it used to work when it is executed right after pressing “Edit Relationships” as the FIRST event, it recently failed with the following problem (at least for me)

When you have a couple of entries where the script should act upon, it recently stops after filling in the first edit with the right data but it doesn’t “press” the OK button by itself. If I do it manually the script proceeds to the next edit and again waits on the confirmation dialog. This eventually goes on until all edits have been done. It gets boring if you manually have to press the OK button hundres of times …

Can anybody confirm this behaviour ?

Last used three(?) days ago on a Release. Had a gig where the dates were on the Place but not the works as I had just added the Place with dates. SAVED. Then re-entered relationships editor, Ticked everything on both sides, and immediately used Copy Dates. That worked okay. Filled in dates on all tracks. Also set Live flag in same edit session before hitting the save button

Edit: Updating my response to confirm that this is now broken for me too. Tried same task just now and sure enough it is stuck with the “DONE” button needing to be pressed on each and every separate edit. Script is FUBAR.

I don’t know how to use this script but it seems that this new Done button issue (due to MBS change) could be fixed by replacing .dialog-content by .relationship-dialog at row 82:

Please try and see if it works.

Works like a charm. Thx a lot.

How do we proceed, should I clone the repo and fix locally or will you do a merge request for the loujine repo, although he doesn’t seem responsive lately.

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Hi vzell,

I’m forking this repo to make this change, and then I’ll make a pull request against loujine’s copy of the repo — stand by for the link.

I did this for another script a long time ago and it doesn’t seem to have been reviewed yet; alas.

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This is complete!

In your userscript manager, set your download/update URLs to this link, and then have your manager update its copy. It should pull down the updated version, including a new version date.

In the meantime, I’ve filed a pull request at loujine’s repo in hopes that this will eventually be merged.

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Thanks for doing this… I applied it locally

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