MusicBrainz Picard Scripts

Where are the scripts used in the program and how to change or delete them?

The file naming script is in options under file naming. You can specify additional scripts to be executed on the metadata loaded from MusicBrainz under Advanced > Scripting, but by default this is empty. Search these forums to see some examples on what can be done with those scripts.

I have to admit that I too am a bit confused by the Scripting option in Picard. The scripting language is easy enough, but the handling of the script(s) is where I’m not clear.

When I check the box to enable script(s), I can enter a title and a script. If I click the button to enter a new script, the title changes and the script box clears. What happened to the script that was there before? Is it saved? If so, how do I edit or disable it? How do I enter multiple scripts? What if I have 4 different scripts and I want to disable one temporarily?

Writing the scripts is the easy part. Managing them in Picard, now that’s a challenge. :confused:

That’s a user interface bug, the list of script can be hidden. See

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Finally, I found, are saved in Picard.ini file but a bit complicated to edit.

Of course you can edit them in the ini file, but why? Edit them in Picard options, see the linked topic.

Thank-you! Somehow I missed that post in my searches. Once you can see the other panel, everything makes sense again. The scripting is definitely a useful feature, and this makes it so much more useful by managing the scripts and selecting which ones will execute during a processing run.

Again, Thank-you!

The issue in question even has a ticket in Jira: Hopefully it can be fixed in the upcoming 1.4.2 release?

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Ok already understandable I did not notice the link. After installation, this option was hidden.
Great thank you :slight_smile: