MusicBrainz ID

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around this site and finding my Musicbrainz. I’m a bit baffled, can anyone help?

No need to ask permission before you can ask a question, just go ahead and ask it.
What would you like to know? is an online database containing information about artists, groups, releases, works etc.
Items are cross linked so you can go to a page representing a release of a cd and follow a link to the artist page etc.
There is desktop software that allows you to query the database and write tags to your music.
Picard is one of these desktop software but there are others.

Looking at your edits to the database I can see you have added a new release.
Can you please confirm that your band had a release “Counting the Death” and “Milk EP” or was “Counting the Death” by a different artist?
if that first release was not by your group you should create a new artist entry for your band and move change the artist on “Milk EP”.

Thanks! Counting the death was someone else but Milk EP was us for sure

I’ve added a new artist: Mummy (London Band)
I’ve submitted edits to change the artist on this release but it may take a week for voting to end, can I have some editors vote on the edits.

Are there any more links you want added?

I assume you’re coming from the BBC. :slight_smile: You may want to also check out which covers all (or at least should) BBC/MusicBrainz things.


Thanks! that’s the only relase to date, however, the next release is only a month away. The only other links are spotify and whatnot