MusicBrainz for Android Changelog

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Development of MusicBrainz for Android app has begun. The post contains the changelog of the various functionalities of the app. The app itself is available to be tested through Play Store at
Note: Each release has a version code and version name. Version names are displayed to users in Play Store while version codes are used for internal purposes. Therefore, a number of app releases may have same version numbers but each apk release has a unique version code. This changelog uses version numbers of apk releases.


  • v1.2 (8 February, 2019) : Initial test release. Added OAuth, Donation redirects & Search Artists
  • v1.3 (15 February,2019) : Revamped Search Results display. As of now, Artists, Releases, Release Groups, Events, Recordings, Instruments are searchable.
  • v1.4 (20 March, 2019) : Add artist info pages with Bio, Releases and links.