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Waiting for a solution on :innocent:


I’ve started having FresoBot do 200 Spotify URL edits/day now (as of yesterday), by the way. 3850 URLs left, so at the new rate, it should have gone through them all in 20 days. :slight_smile:

Edit: Found some more URLs(/URL patterns), so now there are 3893 URLs left. :scream: … But that should still be done within 20 days though. :sweat_smile:


And after 76 edits today, it’s chomped through them all now! :astonished: There are probably some stray Spotify URLs, but the vast majority of them should be “clean” now (or in a week anyway, when @FresoBot’s 1276 open edits have gone through). Now I need to actually make some code so it can start toiling away at something else. :slight_smile:


Hi Freso! Is your bot for hire? :slight_smile: Monstercat finally changed their links from http to https a couple of days ago and I would like to fix all of the existing URLs that we have in mb. I expect around 1k unique URLs (estimated from 1099 releases). The releases usually share the same URL for download and streaming. It would be great if your bot could change all of them automatically so I don’t have to do it manually :wink: The following are examples of how the fix should look like: this or this. Thank you in advance!


Just found you/you’re bot. Good news.


If you are looking for a nice one:
strip www and replace all http with https…


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