"MusicBrainz edit: Replace recording artists from a Release page" using Arranger instead of Performer

I’ve been making quite a few threads lately… Well, hopefully they help out some editor in the future with the exact same questions as me.

I need to go back and fix some of my earlier doujin music additions, where I marked the Album Artist as the individual Track Artists rather than the Artist who arranged that track (I added them all as Arranger credits). Can anyone help with adjusting this script so I can copy over the Arranger credits to the Track Artist? Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be as simple as replacing “performer” with “arranger.”

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You would probably need to add arranger to musicbrainz-scripts/mbz-loujine-common.js at 7b7b48d1600596d132a6f114ba65a7fb968de5bb · loujine/musicbrainz-scripts · GitHub


Just that one line and me replacing “performer” with “arranger” in the original script doesn’t seem to work unfortunately. Maybe there’s another line somewhere to edit. On that note, was I supposed to have that installed first as some sort of dependency for the other scripts? I didn’t have it installed before.

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This should be done automatically by your script manager (musicbrainz-scripts/mb-edit-replace_rec_artist_from_release_page.user.js at master · loujine/musicbrainz-scripts · GitHub).

With e.g. Tampermonkey, the script editor shows me an “Externals” tab where I can see dependencies and edit them.

I would expect you need to add the following:

  • 'arranger', around line 110 (arranger recognized as relevant)
  • arranger: 297, around line 32 (MB internal code)
  • link.arrangeraround line 675 (sorting order)

As far as I remember that should be all that is necessary.

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Ahh, I understand now. The script was still pointing to the unmodified external Github one rather than my modified copy. It doesn’t look like Violent or Tamper support @requires for locally-installed scripts (security reasons I’m guessing), so I’d have to rehost the modified script somewhere or fork the repository. I’ve never done the latter, so I’ll look into it. Thanks.

It seems to work now (forked it on Github). Thank you both for your help. I really should do a a JS 101 course at some point.