Musicbrainz' continuing evolution

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I wish to take the time to give a sincere THANK YOU to all editors and all MB staff for the time and effort put into this site. From my perspective, 2018 brought positive advancement to so many aspects of this super tagging program. More time is being spent giving help to newcomers. IMHO, because of that fact, the data base for MB & CAA is growing like a weed.

The software is changing to become more and more user friendly. Not to mention the increased efficiency in processing.

The current group of auto-editors and "everyday’ editors unselfishly take thier time giving even more tips, suggestions and “how to” answers than I have seen for the past few years. Beyond the visible forums I see the hundreds of hours each day donated by editors from all over the world making changes and corrections to the data base while never receiving public notice.

I tip my hat to you all!