MusicBrainz API license


Hello, i am having some difficulties to understand what license are the MusicBrainz API associated with.
I am interested into obtaining MusicBrainz CoreData (licensed under CC0 ) through the API for a personal/non commercial porject, but am unsure if these have additional licensing restrictions.

In the products list there is no mention of the API, but when i read in their documentation page it says:

Who can use the MusicBrainz API? Is it free?
Non-commercial use of this web service is free; please see our commercial plans or contact us if you would like to use this service commercially.

And following the Non-commercial link it bring me to the Live Data Feed Page, which seems unrelate (is it, legally?) but this service seem to have a very different and much more restrictive license, since it say here:

Non-commercial / personal users may sign up and obtain a free access token for Live Data Feed.

…and following this link again i am brought to the subscription page off MetaBrainz where i have registered for a non-commercial license, but then it only talks about the Live Data feed and nothing is related to the MusicBrainz API, which also do not require the now available access token.


  1. Can I use the MusicBrainz API and it’s retrieved Core Data for a non-commercial personal non-open-source project?
  2. Do i need a particular license from MetaBrainz or other providers or also the API are under CC0 like the Core Data itself?

Thank you

I hope here is the right place to ask, if not sorry, and could you redirect me to a proper channel?