MusicBrainz Android app in dire need of a maintainer

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As most of you probably didn’t know, there is a MusicBrainz Android app that was developed during GSoC 2010.

Unfortunately the creator and maintainer Jamie McDonald, who worked on the app for nearly five years, was swallowed by professional work and couldn’t continue maintaining it.

At this point we’ve got an app that may or may not run on current Android versions and none of the active developers (both MetaBrainz employees and community) have the knowledge or time to work on it. This is where you come in:

If you would like to help with the MusicBrainz Android app, please answer in this thread! You don’t necessarily need previous Android development experience but just having someone willing to work on the app would be a lot better than the current situation.

The MusicBrainz Android app is also good candidate for a future Google Summer of Code project so if you’re interested in that, feel free to also leave a response.


It does work on Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 7).
It’s one of the only two apps I have on my phone that I didn’t download from F-Droid.
I haven’t used it a lot yet, but apart from a few inconveniences I haven’t found any actual bugs.

I can’t help with any developing, but I’m happy to help with testing or translating.


Apparently it was rejected from F-Droid using proprietary dependencies.


Actually getting it this into F-Droid would be a great goal for any new maintainer. As far as I remember it uses the Google Play Services or something which probably needs to be replaced.

It would be a shame if this app does not get some maintenance. I actually used parts of its code that handles the MB web service request in my Picard Barcode Scanner app, which is in bad need of some update as well :frowning:


Wait there are more than one app? So maybe yours is the app I have (sine the app I have does not look like the image posted here :D)


I am a React Native developer and have worked on many apps integrated material UI into a few apps and am willing to help out with the development of MusicBrainz app. I’d recommend re-creating it using React Native so the maintenance is easier as the code will be same for both Android or iOS.