Music Television as Events

I’ve been adding a bunch of recordings from Later… with Jools Holland.

I’ve created an event for each show and series (of events) for each series and overall.

The either a release (for official DVD releases) or standalone recordings (from BBC website) for each performance available.

Is this okay - or is there a better way.

I’m not opposed to it.
There are a few tickets in the pipeline dealing with media appearances (TV, radio, etc.) as Events.


Later… with Jools Holland: Series 1, Episode 1 (1992-10-09) (1992-10-08)

The dates are strange.
1992-10-09 or 1992-10-08?

Is it live show or pre-recorded at an earlier date?
So what are those dates? Recording dates or broadcasting dates?
Is it live performances?

It is a pre-recorded show; and then broadcast “as live”. I relied on broadcast dates as recording dates are often unknown / lost in the midst of time.

The complication is that the broadcast (usually) starts - and its now been on for over 25 years) between about 23:00 and 00:00 - so the show advertised as being on 8th October 1992 may actually not start till the 9th October.

The problem is there are different sources of archive listings - for example the archive of Radio Times (the “official” listings magazine for BBC TV an radio) lists the show as being on 8th October; despite it not starting till midnight; but BBC website has it listed as being broadcast on 9th October because it started at midnight. Both are correct… from a certain point of view (as are many of the truths we cling to) …but conflict.

Also if you look at the DVDs and CDs commercially available; they will list the schedule date.

PS. I will add an annotation where this situation occurs.


If I was working on these, I would be adding releases for each episode instead of standalone recordings.

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