Music Collectives

If a release is released by (or through) a collective (a group of individual musicians), do we treat the collective as a label? If not, then how do we go about crediting them.

To use my own work as example. I release music under a few different names, and a lot of it is released through a music project I set up. It’s not a label, it’s meant to be a group of individual artists, who share a collective goal or vision. Supposed to help with collaboration. So, if I release something as J. R. Dickson, it would be released through the Jaybird Music Project. Should the project be listed as a label, or is there some other way I should credit it?

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That does sound like a label to me. We are generally pretty broad with what is considered a “label”.

It would be another situation if the release were credited to the collective (i.e. “Some Album by Jaybird Music Collective”), that would (usually) be an artist.


Okay, thanks for the help.

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