Multi-page lists of recording tracks don't group logically

If a recording appears on many releases, the list can extend to multiple pages. For example:

If you scroll to the bottom of the first page, you’ll see sections like “Promotion”, “Bootleg”, and “(unknown)”, which is fine. Then if you go to page 2 you see more Promotion and (unknown). And so on for the remaining pages.

Why aren’t all the Promotions, Bootlegs, etc. grouped together? Why do they get split from page to page?


Well, strange thing.
I would have liked them to be chronologically sorted like you seem to describe but, unfortunately, non official release is displayed after official releases, on both recording page and release group page, although it was released earlier.

Oh I see what you mean!
On multipage list, first page contains official then non official. But page 2, shows again some officials then non officials!

How can there be some official releases displayed after non official, although the policy seems to group all officials first, then non officials.