Mozarteum (Salzburg): Place pointed wrong?

Yesterday when entering release Mozart: Piano Concertos no. 24, K491 & 25, K503 no recording place “Mozarteum” showed up in autosearch, and system would not let me enter a new one (links greyed out). I therefore set “Salzburg”, see Edit #42100964 note. Today’s Add Place autosearch for “Mozarteum” yields 2 results:

  1. Mozarteum (foundation) ~ Place
    = International Mozarteum Foundation (

  2. Mozarteum ~ Venue
    (Prague namesame, irrelevant for now)

I do not know why MB would associate this recording area/place (often enough ‘Mozarteum: Großer Saal’) with the 1) foundation rather than the x) university complex physically housing the hall:

x) Mozarteum University of Salzburg (

but guess it is by mishap. Being new here, I would rather not stir up wrong things and canneither find a report entity function to alert others; so would someone please look into this?

Edit: Topmost release refuses link, so:
Mozart: Piano Concertos no. 24, K491 & 25, K503

Edit 2: Ahaa… must be because that edit is not yet applied. Here: Edit #42100541 - Add release

From that, it appears that you were searching for an area, not a place?

I guess so. I get the hierarchy Area > Place, but not really why then, from user [misunder]standpoint, Place should be a 2-step entry (i.e. not auto-resolved by auto-search), or why recording Date should be subordinate to recording Area.

There’s an explanation related to this on Edit #30121657 & Edit #30121658.

Edit: See also

Very good, issue solved then, and I’ll add to this thread’s headline. Thank you.

(Foundation and university are and share next-door to eachother, Schwarzstraße 26—8, but the university has its main building adjacent on the other side of the park, Mirabellplatz 1.)