Moving an album as a release of an existing album


First post in the forum, and first steps contributing information to MusicBrainz, hello everyone!

I’ve just added one release of an existing album, “Funkstörung” by Funkstörung, also trying for the first time the importer script from and doing some manual edits.

I’ve realised I’ve created a new album when in fact, I should’ve created a release of an already existing album. I should’ve been more careful, but I’m still wrapping my head around some MusicBrainz concepts and the style guides in general.

My question is, is there any way to move an Album as a release of an existing one? If not, what would be the steps to correct the error? Sorry if this has been posted before, I’ve performed a search on the topic but couldn’t find anything conclusive.



Hi! What you want to say, I think, is “I created a new release group rather than putting my release into the existing release group” :slight_smile:

That’s not a big problem - just open both release groups, click “Merge” on their sidebars, and submit a merge edit. Alternatively, select the checkboxes by both of them on the artist page, then click the “Merge release groups” button at the bottom of the page.

For next time, you can select the release group a release ends up in when you add it - if you know there’s an existing one, make sure to select it on the Release information tab :slight_smile:


Hi Reosarevok!

Yes, I guess that’s what I meant :slight_smile: I’m still translating my own mental model into what MusicBrainz is expecting and learning in the process.

Thanks for your directions, it worked like a charm!


And this is an extremely common occurrence, especially when using an import script. I’m wondering if it would be reasonable to either:

  • add a check to see if there is an existing release group with the same name and provide a dialog prompt to confirm the creation of the new release group, or

  • add a checkbox to “Add a new release group” which defaults to unchecked, and not proceed with the save unless either this box is checked or the release group is matched.

EDIT: I see that there’s already a ticket in the system (entered by @Zas) for the first option, which was actually my preference. Once again I guess I should have checked first. Sorry about that.


Indeed, I just recently had this happening when using a-tisket to import something and not being careful enough to match the release group to the existing one.

It happens when the RG is not linked to a Discogs Master. If that link is in place first, the script can get the match for you.

Those importers should wait for the end of the release group check before displaying the import button too.