Moving Album Subfolders on rename

Over the course of my library iterations, I have many albums with a sub-folder. Mostly these are album art, or log files from scans. I’d like to hang on to the files. I’m just as happy if they are in the Album folder, but staying in the sub-directory is preferred. To kick up the difficulty level a notch, they sub-folders are not necessarily named consistently, which would be nice to change as well.

In the File Naming sub-section of Options, I have “Move additional files” checked, and the string is currently “.” I’ve tried adding all the other combinations of “Asterisk,” “Backslash” and “Dot” that I can think of, but it doesn’t move the sub-folder. I also didn’t see anything that looked obvious in the scripting documentation that let me work with other files.

Is there a way to do this in Picard, or am I going to have to come up with some kind of crazy Windows script to take care of this?

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In the interest of helping future searchers, according to this response in the thread “Multiple CD ALbums Folder Strusture Save” This is not possible.