Move AcoustID to a different recording


Hello there. I was splitting one recording lately and was wondering if there is a way to move an existing AcoustID with it, because one of the AcoustIDs attached to the old recording matches the new one. The recording edit in question can be found here: I tried musicbranz and AcoustID sites as well as Picard, but couldn’t find the desired function anywhere. I am already splitting 2 more recordings (pending edits) so any help is appreciated!


Hmm, not sure how to move them, but you could just ‘unlink’ it from here:

And then re-submit it for the other recording in Picard.
Only works if you have the mp3/CD of course :frowning:

Maybe someone else will know if it’s possible to just move them.


Well I already unlinked it once but I couldn’t submit it to the new recording (I have the mp3). After I press scan in Picard the song just stays on the left pane and it won’t work even after the AcoustID tag is filled and I press lookup. So I just linked it again to the old recording so at least it will still get a match (albeit incorrect one). But having the ability to just move the AcoustID (or just link it to another recording if it was unlinked from all of the other ones) would be ideal.

As for why I can’t submit it to another recording, I guess it has to be a new AcoustID fingerprint which does not exist in the database in order for you to submit it. And because in this case it exists already(just not linked to any recording), it will not allow you to submit it.


An acoustID can be linked to multiple recordings (that’s how we use them as merging help :slight_smile: ) so that shouldn’t be it. It can only be submitted from the right pane after matching it to MB though, not sure if you’re matching it before you try to submit?


Alright, I finally figured out why it wouldn’t let me submit it from Picard. It was because I had musicbrainz_recordingid unset via scripting (duh). It didn’t even need the recording id and AcoustID written in tags, I just needed to perform a scan and move the track to the correct release. Yay!

Too bad this way the AcoustID lost 51 sources for when the recordings were merged and it has to start over now…