More specific Metadata?

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Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with Picard here, I’m really picky with metadata, I’d love it if Picard were somehow able to respect “Attributes” on credited, for example.

Crush 40’s Rise Again credits Crush 40 as the Producer, with Fumitaka Shibata as the Executive Producer, what I want Picard to do here is to have my tag written like this:

Fumitaka Shibata - Executive Producer
Crush 40

I use the Georgia theme with foobar and have my label like this “Produced By:”

This would make my metadata bar look like this:

Produced By: Fumitaka Shibata - Executive Producer
Crush 40

If someone could help with this, I’d be highly grateful.

There is everything needed : just check the right attribute for the producer relationship:

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, I meant when the metadata is run through Picard, the credits are correct on the page, but when Picard scrapes them it lumps both into the same producer tag with no distinction between the two. I want Picard to be able to tell if there’s an atribute asigned to a credit.

Picard currently does not use most of the relation attributes, with the exception of e.g. instruments and vocals.

This could be done by a plugin. I can also imagine that we somehow add this to a plugin, even though I’m not entirely sure how this should behave in a generalized way. It probably needs some options for users to customize. It would be great if you could open a feature request with details on how you expect this to behave on


Thank you, I’ve created a new ticket for this.

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I wondered about (hoped for) that possibility too:

Yeah I agree with this 100%

Even if each indivdual credit has to be it’s own tag, people could then merge them together by themselves if they so desired, I find it extremely frustrating that Picard can’t scrape all the information that the database contains.