Retrieving the more detailed involved people roles?


If I understand correctly, Picard is able to retrieve only the tags mentioned here:

So that means that the tag ‘engineer’ can be retrieved.
But you won’t get ‘recording engineer’, or ‘mastering engineer’ etc.

Is there a way to retrieve such more detailed roles too?
By means of a plugin, or scripting perhaps?

Reading this back, I need to clarify something.

The main issue for me is not that I necessarily need to see the more refined descriptions for these roles. (would be nice though)
But the problem is that if e.g. Bob Clearmountain is credited as ‘engineer’, Picard will retrieve him just fine and put him under ‘engineer’.
But when he is credited as ‘mastering engineer’ Picard will not recognize him as an engineer, and will not retrieve him at all.

So my request would be to either get the full details of these roles in Picard, identical to how they exist and are allowed on MusicBrainz, or at least have Picard retrieve these more specified roles that fall under the ‘engineer family’ and just write them to the ‘engineer’ tag.


Does the XML/JSON webservice return them? If so I could probably just put them in hidden variables with Classical Extras.