More label confusion

I’ve come across several releases where TELDEC has been added as a label. Trouble is, the artwork shows the imprint and label code of a different label. The small print says “Manufactured by Teldec, Hamburg,” but that doesn’t count as a label, does it? I’d think it would just be a manufacturer relationship. I’m seeing several of these, which is making me wonder if I should be fixing them.


Since we also have “Manufactured by Teldec” it is really difficult to establish “Teldec” and “Teldec, Hamburg” as different entities. It’s much easier just to consider Teldec as label and manufacturer.
So in your case “Teldec” just apears as manufacturer and NOT as a label,


That is pretty common. Some people look for any company name and use it as the label. Manufacturers and copyright often appear incorrectly as label. Correct them when you seen them. (And as a manufacturing geek I’d ask to add the “manufactured by” relationship at the same time)