Modifying data within a pending edit

I have a specific question, but it’s lead me to wonder about greater questions about what does and does not update (change) within a pending edit when the data is changed.

If I submit an edit to merge two recordings, then modify the name of one recording (auto-applied, let’s say capitalizing or lowercasing a couple letters), when I refresh my page the new name takes effect in the edit. It’s like the edit is using a pointer to the name and pulling it real time (example: Edits for Get Live (album version) - MusicBrainz).

However, if I have an add cover art edit where I forget to set the type, then I add the type, the edit remains with no type after refreshing. Should we make it similar to the above, so it pulls the current type set instead of displaying the type at time of merge? I end up wasting time on my edits and others’ edits by going to set the type where it’s missed only to realize someone else (or myself!) has already done so. Because of this, I try to leave a comment when I have added a type to a pending add cover art edit.

My gut tells me these are tiny development oddities resulting from the details of implementation (who, when), but maybe shining light on it will benefit it somehow. Personally I’d like to see more live data (like the cover art example) in the edit, but understand that if the effort required to develop is high it likely is not our priority.

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