Modbot "Edit Artist Credit": where?

I made Edit #40360620 - Edit artist credit. ModBot made a comment, and I want to be sure I understand the comment. But looking at the Edit itself, I don’t see how I’m supposed to know the context.

In which Release or Recording is the artist credit which got changed? How am I supposed to see that in the “Edit Artist Credit” entry?

This ModBot note is not for you as such. That’s for other voters to see that this edit is connected to (and was entered while) changing the main artist name (where there’ll hopefully be a reasoning for the change, as is the case in your edit :slight_smile: ).

You’re not, sadly. Edit AC is a bit like “mystery edit” in that way - there’s no good way in MB at all to find a list of everything credited with a specific AC :confused:


Thank you for the explanation.

I suppose someone could eventually change the ModBot to put a bit more explanation into its edit note, e.g. “ModBot made this edit based on someone else’s edit at (url). Look there for the underlying reason for the edit.”

I was given an alert of ModBot’s edit, as a comment on one of my edits. That’s part of what attracted my attention, then confused me.

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Agreed, getting an email / alert from it as the original editor is annoying.