Mixed up formats

I’ve been adding CDs that I own copies of into my collection and I found a problem with the first release that I added when I originally joined.

I made a few mistakes (which were swiftly corrected by another user), but because of one of those mistakes being to omit that the intended format was CD, and the fact that I included the iTunes link in the edit note, the format was set to Digital Media.

Should I be adding a second release under the release group for the CD (and deleting the barcode from the digital media release) in this case?

I didn’t include a packaging type because that was a Lancing Pack. Should I still leave that blank for now?


Yes, I think in this case it is best to keep the existing released the iTunes one and add a new release for the CD


You should set packaging to “other” and add an annotation telling what the packaging is.

You can also put in a ticket asking for lancing pack to be added to packaging types.


The “Lancing Pack” - that’s a new one. In the past I’ve just called that a “Gatefold Cover” (just the same as a Gatefold Sleeve for Vinyl). Based on previous forum advice.

So when does a “Digipak” become a “Lancing pack”? Does that mean that a “Digipak” is specific to having the plastic tray in the cardboard.

And a “Lancing Pack” is more like a mini-gatefold sleeve but only for CDs?

I know I have a few CD albums like this where they can fold out four or even six CDs in them.

Sounds like a sensible addition - but will mean my checking back all my CD entries :smile:



As @IvanDobsky says and looking at how it looks, you can say it is a gatefold cover, already.

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Well, I guess the difference is that with a gatefold cover you slide the medium in from the outside, while with this thing you have to open the package and slide the medium in from the inside.

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And what’s it called if you can slide the medium in from both the inside and the outside :slight_smile: I am pretty sure I have one of those.


Then it’s a gatefolding pack. :wink:


I have a few of those too, and use gatefold cover. :slightly_smiling_face:

I admit that I had to google to find the lancing pack name (is it even universal?), and don’t even know a name for when there’s a little pocket in the cardboard that the CD slides into (I have a few of those too).

Edit: Found a ticket for that one - DigiFile


I also had to do some searching to find a “Lancing Pack”. Made me laugh as I live on the UK south coast just up the road from Lancing. Thought this may be a special Sussex package. :smiley:

It must be just within the CD packaging industry this term is used. Try searching Ebay or Amazon and you are offered medical kit.

If this one does get added, lets please get a really good description in place. Especially as some of the sites selling those “Lancing Packs” have also described them as “Gatefold Wallets”.

As Lancing packs seems to have every size from two, three, four and upwards then it looks like this will replace gatefold. Almost to the point that the only cardboard sleeve and those gatefold cases where the disk is inserted from the outside are not “Lancing Packs”


When you can slide it in from both sides I think that is called “broken glue”…

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IMHO it should just be set as a gatefold cover, especially given the description at the wiki for gatefold cover: "A cardboard sleeve that folds in halves, thirds, etc. It can hold multiple records or CDs as well as booklets, posters and other memorabilia. "

“Lancing Pack” really just sounds like a random brand name to me. And there can be so many variations of gatefold covers and to which side they are opened, especially with those that hold multiple mediums. I just looked at a few from my collection I could grab: Some have the medium slide out to the top, some to one of the sides. One cover that holds two mediums folds out to 4 parts, where the outer parts open to the sides, one inner part opens to the outside, and the other inner part opens to both sides.


I’m happy to go with gatefold cover.

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The term ‘Lancing Pack’ is used widely in the CD packaging industry. If we’re going to categorize it as ‘Gatefold’ we should at least capture the term within the ‘Gatefold’ definition as ‘Includes Lancing Packs’. Let’s not lose sight of it now it has surfaced…


Yes, I like this suggestion. It is a Gatefold Cover. And Lancing Pack sounds very like some product name. Extend the description to include Lancing Pack and it avoid the chaos potential.