Mix of correct and wrong recordings

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Today I’ve been submitting some Kinks releases and I noticed that recordings there are pretty messed up. Stereo and mono recordings have become intermingled, like in this example

Now, I don’t want to point any fingers - accidents can happen - but I’d like to use this example to know what would be the most efficient and preferably half-automated way of cleaning this up without having to edit each release that is associated with that recording.


This recording (but all have to be checked individually :confused: ) was initially added (pre-NGS) to 3 stereo release and 2 mono releases:

Within stereo releases, there are two recordings for which at least 2 different stereo mixes exist:

Maybe we should mark the recording as mono / original stereo mix / second pressing stereo mix considering which of the tracks are more numerous.
Then create new recordings for the other versions and relink fewer tracks to them.

We could use that good kindakinks.net site to know what versions exist for all recordings:


Once split, we still have to search which version should get the current ISRC.
If not sure we may need to simply remove them.
Case by case.
There are 3 edits for TWO SISTERS and other tracks from same compilations I have roughly started the 3 checks (there were no edit notes to identify source editions) but I leave it up to KINKS experts. :wink: