Mix-DJ relationship to the release or to the recording?

Both the release and the recording have a Mix-DJ relationship (artist ‒ release, artist ‒ recording).
Which one should I use, or should I use both (if applicable)?


I have no particular opinion about this, but:

Some people used to really hate the idea of adding recording-level DJ mixer rels unless the specific track/recording was itself the whole of the DJ mix, since what’s DJ-mixed is the group of tracks rather than one specific one. So they’d definitely say “use the release one for DJ-mixed releases, and the recording one for things like a one-hour-long DJ mix at the end of a compilation like the ones they sell on iTunes sometimes”.

Other people said that that was stupid, that there’s no way to mark a DJ-mix that takes most, but not all, of a release unless you add the rels to recordings, and the like.

Pick one opinion, I guess :slight_smile:


I think the recording DJ-mixer relationship provides more clarity.

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According to [STYLE-741] Add medium to Mastering relationship - MetaBrainz JIRA the release DJ-mix relationship is not liked.